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One-Click Mobile Payment Options

The increasing penetration of smartphones (and to some degree tablets) in the US market means that now, more than ever, your next customer is just one click away – from placing an order ORabandoning your cart. You can increase your chances of success by incorporating “one-click” type ordering options on your order pages. Here are a couple of ways you can do it.

First, the lay of the land.

  • 75% of the US market owns a smartphone1
  • 89% of people consume media through mobile apps2
  • 80% of people use smartphones to search the internet and for many, the smartphone now serves as their primary connection to the internet.2 The chart below confirms that the continued growth of mobile is occurring in all age and income groups3. 



 When purchasing online, consumers are very skeptical about placing orders on their mobile devices. 

  • 68.07% of customers abandon their shopping carts4
  • 1% of mobile users report making purchases with their phones during any given week5
  • 33% say they don’t use smartphones (or tablets) for shopping because of security fears5
  • 77% who worry that credit card information can be hacked while using a mobile phone5

Adding “one click” ordering and/or payment options on your mobile ordering page is a necessity if you are to increase the number of orders from these pages. While you should keep an eye on the burgeoning alternative mobile payment products coming into the market, Amazon and Paypal currently lead the pack with millions of customers who are accustomed to paying by simply logging in.

At a bare minimum,“one-click” payment options like the aforementioned Amazon Payments and Paypal, or a moibile payment option like Apple Pay or Google Wallet, should be included on your order pages as payment methods. Download our "One-Click" Resource Guide for 12 other pay options.


In a mobile environment, the less you ask your customer to directly enter the better. Using a simplified “one-click” order stream that prepopulates your customers address details is ideally the way to go. It looks like this:


If you are reaching out to your audience using email, make it clear in your email that one-click options exist on the ordering page to facilitate the consumer's comfort level with your product.  Consider also including your Customer Service phone # on the page, so your customers can dial through directly to your customer service team.

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