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Easy Mobile Checkout Options

I recently put forward the “hypothesis” that one of the reasons we aren’t seeing a lot of paid transactional activity from mobile devices (especially smartphones) is that it’s just too complicated to do it. For more on this topic check out One-Click Mobile Payment Options. I think marketers are finally getting the message.

Here are a couple of examples that illustrate why I think we may be at the tipping point for simplified payment options.



I was on a media website a week or so ago and got served up this random survey question. Unfortunately, it wasn’t one of those surveys that tell you how other people answered, so I don’t know what the results were but clearly this is a question that is on the minds of marketers and researchers. 

Recently my visit to 1800Flowers (Happy Mother's Day, Mom!) showed me a store that clearly gets the message. In their checkout cart I had the option to either pay by entering all my details (“Buy Now”) or choose from 3 possible express payment options (Paypal, Visa Checkout, Google Wallet).

At the time, I was on an Android phone and I was presented with Google Wallet as one of the simplified payment options. I wondered if someone on the iPhone 6 would also be similarly offered up ApplePay as one of their options. Surprisingly, this is NOT the case, I suspect this has to do with the relative newness of the payment method and that ApplePay will likely be included shortly.

Google_Wallet_example_rev (1).png

Simplified payment options were also presented on my desktop web browser. Note in all instances I was not asked to enter information beyond the delivery zip code and whether or not the address is a residence or a business.

Obviously, is a huge online retailer with millions of transactions a year, so even a slight change up or down has big implications for both their bottom line and customer satisfaction.

If you agree that simplified payment options need to be better integrated into your ordering process check out our Mobile "One-Click" Resource Guide for tips on how to upgrade your mobile ordering process, including some more order page samples, a mobile-friendly email template you can build, and resources for setting up mobile payment options.