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9 Ways to Let Go: Email Opt Outs

The CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 set the U.S. Federal standards for the transmission of commercial email messages, including giving recipients the right to opt-out. That may seem like old news but if you haven’t taken a serious look at how you handle email opt-outs consider that email marketers have developed a variety of approaches for carrying out this simple function over the last 10+ years. It may be time for an overhaul. 

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This just in. One Audience Development strategy doesn't fit all.

Henry Ford used to say “People can have the Model T in any color – so long as it’s black”. This ‘one size fits all’ approach is pretty much how most websites treat their traffic. And just like automobiles moved from black to “many colors available” options, it’s time that marketers implement targeted approaches for the various sources of website visits.

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Public Outreach That Works--5 New Rules

Public outreach is changing. People are more and more busy, and are more and more connected to digital devices, be they mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, or laptops. You are more likely to bump into them on the street as they read their email, and less likely to greet each other, since you are doing the same thing. 

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Maximizing Mobile Email Marketing

Now that more than 50% of emails are routinely read on a mobile device, it’s clear that the future of email marketing is here.*

Despite that current stat and the expected growth to 78% by 2017 nearly 50% of marketers admit to not knowing what percentage of emails are read ‘mobilely’ and 40% report that they don’t have a mobile email strategy.

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5 Successful Uses of Text Messaging (SMS) by Government

We are excited by the possibilities of the government using text (SMS) to communicate with its residents. There are lots of success stories to pull from, where government departments have used text (or SMS) to alert citizens, keep people informed, or remind folks of meetings. Ponder some of the success stories below:

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Gmail Changes Impact Email Marketers

In September, Google made changes to their very popular Gmail service so that messages now appear in three distinct categories within their inbox—primary, social, and promotions. Users can also add two additional categories, updates and forums from a provided menu.

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REMAG: Rewards Consumers Who Recycle

A win for consumers, the local community, and the environment, REMAG, a program that rewards consumers when they recycle, launched worldwide yesterday at SuperMax supermarkets in Puerto Rico.  The program helps address the increasing demand for recycling and counters the lack of accessible alternatives to recycling on the island while incentivizing participation and offering a new fundraising strategy for schools and/or charities. 

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The Power of an “OOPS!” Email

Since confession is good for the soul, first admit that you have done it. What? I’m referring to sending out an email that wasn’t quite as ready to go as you thought it was when you tested it. Of course, the minute you send it out you immediately find out that your well-baked email actually wasn’t.

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