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Move Your Email into the Mobile Fast Lane

If you’ve been reading our blogs over the last year, you no doubt have got a good idea that we believe the explosion in the adoption of mobile means existing online business models – which were primarily developed for the desktop – are rapidly approaching their end.

Recently, email and marketing automation platform company, Real Magnet, shared this information packed infographic which encourages online marketers to “shift into the fast lane”.

Check out the growth in mobile email.  It seems hard to imagine now that as recently as 2011 only 8% of emails were opened on a mobile device. Today, it’s not uncommon for nearly 50% to be opened “mobiley”. 



If you are seeing a great number of mobile opens to your email marketing campaigns – check your open stats by device – it’s time to take a serious look at your email approach – design and copy. It’s true 600 words on a desktop is a very different experience than 600 on a smartphone, as is noted below.